Finding a Used CarSo you want to buy a great used car? Most would tell you “Good Luck” simply because so many times people get ripped off by buying junk used cars thinking that it’s the best thing since the world wide web.

But…hold on a minute! Finding a great used car is doable if you follow some simple and easy rules – play the game, don’t let the game play you. With that said, let’s dive right into Epica Auto’s top 3 tips for finding a great used car – you’ll want to write these down.

Know your budget, don’t overspend!

Probably one of the most valuable key when trying to find that great used car is to know your budget! So many times people start looking for a car knowing what they can and cannot afford and end up over-spending, only to regret their decision later on down the road.

Bells and whistles are fun but they always come at a bigger price that you may not be able to swing – so keep in mind that at the end of the month, your the one that has to pay the bill and feel good about it.

Don’t settle, hold out for the right one

Buying a car in general can be much fun and something you should be able to enjoy and not be rushed into. No matter if your buying from a car dealership, off craiglist or from a small car lot – never let someone talk you into a car that you know you will not enjoy later on.

The best way to avoid falling into the common sales pitch is to write down your must haves & wants before even starting to do research and hold out until you find something that fits those wants and needs. There are TONS of cars and sellers out there, so unless your in a bind and need a car now, be sure to take your time and find that one car that you’ll be happy with for the long haul.

Don’t let your eyes glaze over, do the proper research

Find the Right Used CarOne key you must remember when buying that perfect used car is to remember your looking at ‘used cars’, not new. Every used car obviously has a past and in a LOT of cases, not good ones. So many people abuse their cars, don’t take care of them, trash them and push the leftovers to someone else.

So many times we find that ‘perfect’ car, it has everything we want and is absoultly beautiful and we let our eyes glaze over the most important parts of a car – is the car mechanically sound? Car repairs can be costly so we recommend doing several of the things below to ensure that beautiful used car fits the bill all the way around…

  • Start & test drive the car – get your mind off that nice GPS and listen to the transmission, engine and such
  • Visually look at the engine and truck – a lot can be said about how a car was treated by how the engine and truck looks. If they look trash, more than likely they were.
  • Get a carfax report – this is something that can be annoying because it takes some effort but nowadays taking someones word for it is not enough. Ensure there is not water damage to the car and how many people owned it previously.
  • Take some time – after you have done the things above, be sure you walk away and give it some thought before making an offer. Go to lunch, drive down the street, go anywhere but give yourself some time to see the whole picture – not just those fancy wheels.

Finding a great used car is doable

Buying a car is fun but can become a headache especially when you go by the rule book because finding that perfect car is tough but remember this – it is doable! If your patient and willing to give it some time you can find a great used car that is within your budget.

Feel we missed something? Please share some of your keys to finding a great used car below in the comments…