Love the Beast -Eric bana

Love The Beast

2009 | Car Racing Documentary | Watch Love the Beast on Amazon Instant

English: Eric Bana at the 2009 Tribeca Film Fe... Follow comedian, actor and director Eric Bana in this introspective documentary as Bana asks the question why do we Love the Beast? Eric examines how cars become part of our lives, members of our families, part of our heritage and how they can mean so much to us.

Primarily we follow Eric as he shares with us his own car lover story – but he really is a stand in for every car-guy out there. It’s as if he’s telling our story. That is if you happen to be one of the few people who have bested the treacherous Targa Tasmania race in one of car-guy-dom’s most beloved cars the Ford XB Falcon Coupe (think Mad Max).

It moves a little slow for some audiences, but the familiar passion framed in Bana’s voice over keeps you gripped and invested as the film unfolds. It’s a definite must-see for car guys everywhere – but wait until you’re not in a hurry and you’re free to share the triumph and tragedy.

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PRO: Bana’s beast is a Ford XB Falcon Coupe he’s had since he could first drive. The whole movie centers around that complex bond between a hard core car-guy and his car.

CON: It feels a little self important and overly artistic at first moving quite slowly at the onset. Given time the documentary does a great job of rooting itself, and shedding its initial stiffness.

Love The Beast Trailer

Boys of Bonneville

2011 | Fast Cars Documentary | Watch Boys of Bonneville on Amazon Instant

Ab Jenkins

This documentary takes the watcher on an epic journey celebrating the incredible vision & stamina of endurance land-speed pioneer Ab Jenkins. Transporting us back to a by-gone era the documentary begins with a history lesson of sorts painting a strong contrasting context for the narrative. Little by little you come to understand the incredible prowess of the Boys of Bonneville, in particular the man who put the Salt Flat on the map – Ab Jenkins.

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

As the film progresses your awe quickly becomes respect, which congeals into admiration. Through-out the process the watcher becomes both educated and entertained as the tale unfolds.

This incredible story is beautifully narrated thanks to Patrick Dempsey who lent his voice to the film. In the end you’re left with a sense of awe in the accomplishments of our fore bearers and an appreciation of the rich history we share as car-guys.

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PRO: The documentary is masterfully crafted with a strong sense of story and an easy, steady flow. While it’s heavily history oriented, it feels more like experiencing a great biography than enduring a textbook.

CON: Action seekers will find the pace grueling. For the unprepared the emotional journey may induce an emotional response. You have been warned.

Boys of Bonneville Trailer

Revenge of the Electric Car

2011 | Electric Car Documentary | Watch Revenge of the Electric Car on Amazon Instant

Revenge of the Electric Car A very watchable, very honest peek at the major players in the emerging electric car market, Revenge of the Electric Car is one car documentary you should definitely add to your instant queue. This is a glance into the story that is still unfolding and will be remembered as a pivotal time in automobile form, function and industry in general.

The film takes us on a bit of a fact finding journey much deeper behind the scenes than you’re expecting giving us a much more complete and honest view of the industries workings than you might expect.

Candid conversations with GM & Nissan’s top brass, a fly-on-the-wall perspective of the inner workings of Tesla and more. This is definitely worth the watch.

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PRO: A very well crafted narrative told through direct, candid conversations with the key decision makes in the industry and external perspective form the industries biggest fans and smartest critics.

CON: As a documentary it’s a great film – it lacks the pomp, flash, drama and preachiness one might expect from a documentary on such a hot-button subject. Viewers with a strong, passionate perspective on this issue may feel it doesn’t have a strong message – personally i felt this was one of the films saving graces and brightest features.

Revenge of the Electric Car Trailer

Great Robot Race

2006 | Driverless Cars Documentary | Watch Great Robot Race on Amazon Instant


Less than a decade later we barely give a second glance at reports of unmanned vehicles and the laws recently passed to permit them on the road legally. This documentary is a peek back at the process that gave way to the headlines of the last few months and weeks.

The film follows several teams as they design. build and field autonomous vehicles in the DARPA issued Grand Challenge. The teams entering the 200+ mile challenge course compete not only for the $2 million purse, but for the prestige of meeting the daunting challenge.

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PRO: Although several years old, the style still feels quite fresh and the content proves to be very relevant.

CON: Although a bit heavy on the scientific spin (it is a NOVA documentary after all) there are no real detractions.

A&E Cars That Changed the Industry

2006 (1999) | Car Documentary | Watch Cars That Changed the Industry on Amazon Instant

1917 Ford Model T

At first I was surprised at how dated the feel of this film felt, although the content remains mostly relevant. After a little digging I found that Cars That Changed The Industry is from 1999, rather than the 2006 date listed on Netflix. The premise of this documentary is a top ten list of cars that had significant impact on the automotive industry ordered by their significance.

For the most part I tend to agree with the list, although I might rearrange the order and trade in a few nominees of my own. The manner in which each vehicle impacted the industry is identified and justified in a fairly comprehensive, but entertaining narrative. Each ‘change’ is clearly stated, framed in historical context and allowed to reflect on current (or at least current in 1999) industry practices.

It’s interesting to take a look back at this list of industry impacting vehicles and see that hybrid & electric vehicles had not yet been identified as a critical shift in the industry.

Watch Cars That Changed the Industry on Netflix Instant

PRO: The list is pretty spot on. Plenty of effort went into not only crafting the list but in supporting each choice, and showing the impact of each vehicle.

CON: Being a few years old don’t expect this film to say much about hybrids or electric cars, as they were still very much a novelty at the time.

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