New Car Buying TipsBuying a new car is always a matter of pride and joy. It is a significant investment which can be exciting and rewarding if at the end you get the right car at a fair price. If it is your first new car, the special occasion comes with a sense of uncertainty of making a good buy, but no matter how many times you’ve bought one, ensuring your personal satisfaction is a must.

It is important that you don’t resort to fortune cookies to make your purchase. You should feel empowered to make the decisions during the process. Here are a few highly effective new car buying tips when buying a new car to help you on your way;

Tip 1: Know When to Buy

You make the wisest of decisions under pressure; do you? No. The best time to buy a car is when you anticipate the need for a car in the near future. Desperation is never good, make sure that you have sufficient time to plan and research what your requirements are before you make the commitment.

Tip 2: Know Your Budget

We all love the Ferrari’s and Silver Ghosts, but it may not be the best move for your budget. Your initial step in the process should be to take stock of your finances and know your budget before stepping on the show room floor. If you want to make a cash down payment, how much do you have; if you need financing, know how much you will qualify for. Answer these question before you talk to a salesmen to ensure tip number 1 of followed.

Tip 3: Search for a Car That Fits You

Do not buy a car because the commercial has Paris Hilton or because it is on sale. While these can aid your decision (still not the Hilton commercial) you must decide for yourself what your specific usage of the vehicle would be. Everything from phones, laptops to hotel lodging comes with features that one may never use. No use paying for functionality that brings you no benefit. Narrow down your options to the make, model and version of cars that fit you best.

Tip 4: Make Them Earn It!

Auto sales may be at the peak or at rock bottom levels; it is an industry that works on commissions. Use that to your advantage. Do extensive research for agents in your neighborhood and look for online quotes and deals. Sometimes looking a few miles away from home can get you to a bigger dealership with bigger incentives, use knowledge to negotiate with dealers and have them compete for your business.

Tip 5: Devil in the Details

Extra fees, commissions, surcharges, taxes, accessory costs, service and maintenance fees, insurance…the list of additional costs can pile up significantly. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions; if you need financing, clarity on the terms of payment is a must. Customers are enticed by clever dealers with low costs only to realize later that the on-the-road cost is much higher than the initial quote.

Tip 6: Follow the Brain NOT the Heart

Shower your car with all your love after you make the payment, but until then keep your emotions well hidden. If you’ve followed our suggestions, you’ve already done the research and know what to buy and for how much. There is no cure for emotional attachment, a weakness that all car salesmen will exploit. You should always give an ‘I have other options’ feel to get the best deal.

More New Car Buying Tips

Follow these new car buying tips to make buying your car of your dreams an enjoyable process and to ensure that the years to follow are a pleasant ride.