Congratulations! Your newborn baby has arrived, but the hard work is just getting started. You’re going to learn a heck of a lot over the next year-or-so! Driving isn’t something that you might consider to pose any potential problems. However, driving with a newborn is very different from driving on your own. If you want to have a stress-free and continuous journey, we’ve got a few important tips for you.


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Invest In A Baby Car Mirror

You always want to be able to keep a check on a newborn when you’re driving. In fact, you’ll want to do it every second. That’s not possible, but you can make things easier for the both of you by investing in a baby car mirror. These attach to the headrest, giving you extra peace of mind in ensuring that your child is OK. Also, it provides your baby with an extra element of entertainment. And believe me, when they get bored, you’re going to want an extra source of entertainment to calm them down!

NEVER Remove Them From Their Car Seat

There are a lot of important things you need to know about installing a car seat. You can get the seat checked to ensure it’s accurately installed, for example. There are loads of different kinds you can buy, too. We’re not going to go too much into the basics today, though. I’m sure you can figure those out for yourself! However, we should reiterate that you must NEVER remove a child from a car seat. Even if they’re crying, screaming or simply being a nuisance, don’t do it. Don’t let a passenger do it either. Instead, pull over and attend to their needs in a safe area.


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Take Extra Care When Driving

This sounds a little bit strange on paper. I mean, we all try to take as much care as possible when we’re driving, right? But, having a newborn in the car adds to the distraction levels to a massive degree. For that reason, it’s worth driving that little bit slower. It’s worth taking the longer but easier route home to save any potential problems. This Parents article talks about how a parent’s “accident rate rivals that of teen drivers.” That’s scary, don’t you think?! Take care.

Consider The Practicality Of Your Vehicle

That old banger might have been enough for you before you brought another person into the family, but things have changed. You need them to stay safe. You need more boot space. You need practicality in every area of the car. This might be a time to consider a vehicle upgrade to take you into the future. This time, you could search by body type for something that suits your family’s needs. Continuing to drive in an unsuitable car could potentially put you all at greater risk.

Pick Your Timing

If you haven’t figured this out already, you soon will. Your newborn child will develop all sorts of routines. They’ll go to sleep at a certain time. They’ll be fed at a certain time. They’ll be changed at a certain time. It’s up to you to try and fit around these routines to take them on long journeys when they’re at their most comfortable. If you don’t want to be constantly stopping or dealing with their cries of boredom, it’s best to stick to their schedule. Setting off for your long journey at 3 AM in the morning? I don’t blame you.


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Schedule Regular Stops

As obvious as this might sound, it’s also incredibly important to remember. It isn’t great for your baby to be sitting in a car seat for too long without having a break. Also, you need those breaks to recharge your batteries and remain focused on the road. It’s easier to keep your concentration when you’re on your own. You’ll get a lot more tired with a baby in the car. Trust me.

Learn How To Isolate Your Car’s Speakers!

We can’t let you leave without giving you this important piece of advice. Most cars have the ability to isolate their speakers. For example, you can fade your music into the front speakers only, or put theirs in the backseat speakers. If you don’t want to be stuck listening to the same nursery rhyme 100 times in a row, you’ll want to know how to do this. Read the manual for your stereo, and you can thank us later.

Oh, and try to have fun! Every journey with your newborn will be an adventure. Good luck!