BMW Vision Efficienct Dynamics Beauty Shot

BMW has unveiled its Vision Efficient Dynamics or the Vision ED concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car has a hybrid drive train and bears the typical design features of any BMW creations.

BMW LogoFrom all angles the Vision ED looks spectacular and quite futuristic. From the look of the vehicle, it is pretty evident that the primary consideration that the company had in mind while designing the vehicle was aerodynamic efficiency.

BMW gave birth to another masterpiece

As already mentioned, the Vision ED is a hybrid concept from BMW, meaning it will be powered by both fossil fuel as well as electricity. The power train of the Vision ED includes a three-cylinder turbo diesel engine along with two electric motors fitted on both the front and the rear axle of the vehicle. Combined output of these systems is 262 kW (356 HP) and combined maximum torque of the power trains is 800 Nm (590 lb-ft).

BMW Vision Efficienct Dynamics

The performance that the Vision ED comes with is no less stunning than its looks. It will probably have a top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h). Acceleration of the Vision ED is also spectacular as it can reach the speed of 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 4.8 seconds.

As it is a hybrid vehicle, it will be greener when compared to the vehicles plying on the road today. It has a CO2 emission rate of 99 grams/km. Fuel efficiency of the vehicle has also been proven in EU test cycles where it had a fuel consumption rate of 3.76 liters/100 km.

BMW Vision Efficienct Dynamics Side

As a plug-in drive concept vehicle, the Vision ED is capable of covering the entire fuel consumption drive cycle depending solely on electric power. It has an extremely efficient concept of Brake Energy Regeneration which enables the vehicle to generate electric power without the minutest increase in fuel consumption. The generated electricity gets stored in 98 lithium-polymer cells that the vehicle has been fitted with. On electric mode alone the vehicle is capable of galloping for 31 miles (50 km).

As far as the design of the vehicle is concerned, it bears all the hallmark of being a truly great BMW car. The body of the Vision ED is aerodynamically shaped and has been made using lightweight materials. Drag has been reduced significantly using Formula 1 CX drag coefficient technique.

The car can accommodate four people including the driver and provides all-round comfort and luxury to the passengers. The Vision ED comes with gullwing doors that open up on the sides. The doors and roof of the vehicle have been fitted with polycarbonate glass that becomes automatically darker to protect the people sitting inside from the raging sun.

BMW Vision Efficienct Dynamics Interior

Overall, the Vision ED truly demonstrates BMW’s plan for the future. It is a wonderfully designed vehicle from both in and out. Hybrid power train makes it friendlier for the environment and also gives it the performance that a car of the future should have. The look of the vehicle is spectacular, something we have come to expect from each and every creations of BMW. If the Vision ED is something to go by, then BMW has some great things to offer to the world as far as the future of automobile technology is concerned.

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