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The Eight Tools You Need To Service Your Own Car


If you’re up to it, doing the maintenance on your own car can save you considerable expense and time – but you’re going to need a few tools.


Our Favorite Car Shows On Netflix


Check out some of the hottest car shows on TV from the present and the past – watch instantly on Netflix or Amazon Instant!


Top American Cars for Alpha Males


So without further delay, let’s take a look at the cars in the American market that we think display an alpha male personality.


Las Vegas Car Shows


At places like Viva Las Vegas you’ll see all sorts of customized versions of some of the great American classics.


5 Of Our Favorite Movie Car Chases


Epic movie car chases draw film-lovers to the cinema. Here are the best motoring moments from each of the past five decades.

electric car plug

The Great Electric Car Debate


The electric car has divided the motoring world with people either showing full support for the car or being completely against them.

Classic car

Tips for Transporting Vintage Cars


Vintage car virgin’s usually don’t have the experience necessary to transport their vehicles safely and efficiency.

Sports car

Race Car Technology Translated To Daily Drivers


Modern cars come standard with many bits of technology that have stemmed from race cars.


Weird and Wonderful Superstitions From Car Enthusiasts Around the World


Although it may seem strange to those that aren’t superstitious, there are a whole host of weird and wonderful driving superstitions about.

Car customization

Customizing Your Car On a Fixed Budget is Difficult, Not Impossible


Your car is probably one of the biggest investments you’ve made – so it’s only natural to ensure it reflect your personality.

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