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Car rental

A Few Things to Consider When Hiring or Renting a Car


Holiday planning? Here are a few simple items to consider before renting (or hiring) a car.

Auto Insurance

Everythings You MUST Consider When Selecting Your Car Insurance Provider


Some policies offer higher levels of protection, while others offer perks & features – here are the items critical to your selection.


How to Ensure Your Used Vehicle Isn’t a Lemon


A few questions to ask a used car seller to ensure it’s not a junker. Don’t hurry – if the seller can’t answer these, you should move on.

VW Oil Pressure Problems

Quick VW Diagnostics Guide


Diagnose common issues with VW’s you can watch for, diagnose, and even fixed if you are a decent driveway mechanic.

Secured loan

Yes, Your Classic Cars Can Be Used to Secure a Loan


In recent years, there has been a rise in loans being secured through more unusual items, such as classic cars.


Our Most Helpful Winter Driving Tips


The good news is that there’s a lot you can to make driving in the winter safer and more pleasant.


How to Safely Drive in the Winter


You never know what might happen out on the road, here are some of the dangers you could face and how you should prepare for them.


9 Things You Should Do After a Car Accident


Infographic outlining top things you should do after a car accident, just in case you end up in this type of situation.


Five Reasons to Go Hybrid in 2012


For those of you still considering if buying a hybrid car is right thing for you and your family or not try taking a quick look at these 5 reason why buying a hybrid is the right thing to do!

Rusting Car

Simple Ways You Can Protect Your Car From Rust


Today cars are a big investment and more expensive than ever. Therefore, it is imperative to protect them and especially from rust! Check out these 5 ways you can protect your car from rust.

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