Yokohama 4x4 Tires

When you’re looking to replace your 4×4 tires, a common question asked by drivers is – are they worth splurging or not? If you take a trip to your local manufacturer or distributor, you are likely to find a wide selection of tires available, at a range of prices. It’s not surprising that with the rising cost of fuel and annual insurance premiums, motorists might be looking for ways to make savings in other areas of motor vehicle ownership.

But before making a decision on what tires to purchase for your car you should consider the potential implications of buying cheaper 4×4 tires on the safety and performance of your car.

4×4 Tire Safety

Tires are an important safety feature on your vehicle. Even the strongest breaks and anti-skid systems are dependent on the grip of the tires.

The quality of the tire affects the stopping distance of a car – this is the time and distance it takes a car to stop. As a result of their inflation, tread depth and general condition, higher quality tires can reduce stopping distances compared to cheaper alternatives. This could mean the difference between whether you collide with another car or not.

You can’t put a price on the safety of your family.

Performance & Longevity of Premium 4×4 Tires

By paying more for a premium tire, you are also paying for the sums that have been invested in tire technology, performance engineering and safety testing. The materials a tire is made out of directly determine the quality of the tyre. Premium tires are made out of materials with high wear resistance – to ensure that they last longer, offer better fuel efficiency and steering precision.

Budget tires generally wear out quicker – which could lead to false economy, as you will have to replace them more regularly.

Consider how often you use your vehicle. Is your car or van for recreational use on holidays and weekend? Or do you use it every day, perhaps driving around the paddock or to and from the worksite?

Paying more for a higher quality tire, like the Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S G012 means that you could end up with a tire that is much better suited to the road surface it is going to be used on. For example Yokohama Geolandar ATS tires are very durable and puncture resistance, so you can take them fearlessly across rugged terrain. Their tread pattern is specially designed for off-road traction and performance, while still maintaining low noise on the highway and longevity.

What is your Budget?

There are so many different brands of tires available, at varying different prices. However, it’s important to remember that lower prices are also associated with lower quality materials and shorter life spans – which means you will have to replace cheaper tires on a more regular basis.

The saying –‘you get what you pay for’ – certainly holds true when it comes to buying tires.

Find the right 4×4 tires for you

Yokohama has a great range of 4×4 tires that are renowned for their versatility and longevity. Whether for mudding with friends on the weekend or working on the farm with your UTE, Yokohama has the right car tire for you. Be sure to ask about their free road hazard protection offer on Geolandar products.