So, you’ve finally found a car that you want to buy. Congratulations to you, because finding the perfect car is never easy. There is so much to consider, not to the mention the chaos if you get it wrong! But, what if I told you there was a way to make your perfect car even better? It might cost you more money, yet you would own the ultimate car. Are you just a little bit curious?

If you are happy with your purchase, you are one of the lucky ones. If you want to see what the ultimate car looks like, just add a couple of the accessories below.


Traffic Beater

That is not the official name by the way. Officially, it is called the AA Roadwatch Pro, and it has one function that will have you jumping for joy: it avoids traffic. Okay, you can’t quite take it seriously as you would like to because it is hard to keep tabs on all traffic. But, it takes information from satellite navigational systems like a TomTom and uses that to predict the type and amount of traffic. If you trust your sat nav to get you from A to B, you should trust the Roadwatch Pro to do its job. The app is available both on Apple and Android.

Satellite Navigation

New cars are already equipped with satellite navigational systems because they are a big part of a driver’s life. Gone are the days of studying maps and getting lost, because the GPS bounces of satellites and steers in the right direction. If your car doesn’t have one, consider buying an external sat nav at an affordable price. There is hardly a car in the world that cannot benefit from a satellite navigational system.

Heated Seats

Yes, heated seats are an indulgence, but they sound great! On a serious note, heated seats are all about comfort. The perfect car will be as comfortable and functional as it is fast and pretty. What most people don’t realise is a car that looks good but isn’t comfortable is not the perfect car. Please, do not sacrifice substance for style. In fact, massage cushions for cars with heat are another great tip for added comfort. Plus, as the cold weather starts to get closer, you’ll never have to worry about a cold bum again!

Flappy Paddle Gearboxes

Flappy paddle gearboxes, or automatic transmission, often get dismissed as being too technical. After all, they were invented for Formula 1 cars. Still, there is a lot to like about automatic transmission. Mainly, it makes driving that little bit easier. Now, a petrol head might say it takes the fun out of driving, but driving can get boring anyway. When you hit the wall and cannot be bothered any more, you need accessories that make it easier.

Bike Rack

Cycling has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. The only problem with cycling is you have to get back to the car before you can go home. Once you make the decision to go for a 15-mile ride, there is no turning back, unless you have an expandable bike rack of course. In that case, you can always ring up the other half and ask them to come and give you a lift!