Concept cars are used to help a brand demonstrate their potential and vision of the future. Similar to catwalk fashion, a concept car hints what design features and stylization that you can expect on your car in the future. They are exciting and many companies use it to show off their creativity and set them apart from competitors.

Citroen are extremely good at creating concept cars, and they sink a lot of money into the cause every year.

They are all beautifully designed inside and out, and Citroen claim that their production cars take huge inspiration from the concepts. We only have to look at the new Citroen DS3i to know they mean this. The DS3i is receiving acclaim around Europe for its pricing and cutting edge design.

The styling is both retro and futuristic at the same time, and a perfect alternative to something obvious like a Peugeot 307 or Ford Focus. Getting hold of one of these models is easier than ever too, with fantastic Citroen lease deals available across the range.

If we look at the range of concept cars in 2011, we can see that Citroen are still hot on the game. With the success of their DS3i, it’s more important than ever to maintain a following of design aficionados. There are currently nine concept cars in their armory, all with a slightly different look and potential market. Here is the rundown of 5 of the best:

Citroen Tubik

Tubik Concept

This is a van which most likely will become a people carrier of some sort. It looks futuristic and funky, and almost appears as a modern version of the classic VW Camper.

The striking bodywork will set it apart from other vans or larger vehicles in its category and I personally think it’s a sweet looking van! If I had to had a van, I think this may be my choice.

Citroen HypnosHypnos Concept

This model is a crossover urban sports car that resembles a Nissan Juke.

The styling for a concept car here is relatively reserved which suggests production of a similar design is very possible based on previous form by Citroen.

Survolt Cirtroen

Survolt Concept

This sports model resembles a Nissan 370Z, although it appears far more aggressive and menacing.

This could become reality, but not with the huge alloy rims and small windows that the current design sports.

Citroen GTbyCitroen

GT By Citroen Concept

The GT is the new racing concept which possibly hints to the return of motor racing for the brand. The looks are bold, striking and the car sits low on the ground. The interior is just as wacky. This shows their potential racing edge, but is likely to become reality.

Citroen Metropolis

Metropolis Concept

This is the large executive saloon that screams luxury but at the same time appears extremely sleek and handsome. It is reminiscent of the VW Phaeton, but much prettier. I’m hoping this model goes into production, because its time the large executive saloon market gets shaken up a bit.