Getting your money’s worth when buying a car is an important part of car shopping.

You don’t want to walk off the lot with a car that is going to cost you more than the car is worth.You want the biggest bang for your buck when you are purchasing a car.

These are five ideas to help give you guidance on what car to choose.


Kia-RioKia Rio

Kias are underestimated and under ranked on most charts. It’s a surprisingly decent car with a lot of momentum for the $14,000 price. That’s the price when it’s new. Used cars are even more affordable when you look at models such as the Rio. The manual transmission may be an issue for some, but it has excellent highway mileage and longevity potential.



2009 Honda Odyssey

The 2009 Honda Odyssey is a modern minivan with excellent space and legroom. This durable and reliable vehicle is one of the best cars you can buy used, and it’s known for having top safety ratings and mileage. It has anti-lock brakes and overhead airbags as well. Stability control makes this a good choice for a first car.



2010 Cadillac CTS

If you’re on the market for a luxury car, look no further. The 2010 Cadillac CTS is definitely luxury, but you won’t have the pains of paying the high price of luxury. The exterior looks amazing, and the interior is decked out with smooth-leather seats and airbags. The sound system is nothing less than superior.



2010 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

If you need space and want luxury, the Escalade Hybrid is a marvelous choice. Escalades are notorious for their gas consumption, but this green SUV makes a difference by having higher mileage and luxury all in one. You will be doing some good for the environment without compromising on the quality you would expect from a Cadillac.



2010 Honda CR-V

The CR-V is a classic Honda choice. It’s dependable and rugged, and it’s suitable for families. It has a 180HP engine, anti-lock brakes and curtain airbags. It’s safe, strong and will get you all over without breaking your bank account.

Purchasing a car can be a pain, but this list is designed to help ease some of that pain and help you choose a car that will give you the most for your money