One aspect that many people hate about buying a car is negotiating with the dealer. We’re not all born hagglers, and we often find it quite uncomfortable. However, when it could save you hundreds, it’s time to put comfort aside and wade in! Remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

It’s important to remember that dealers want to sell the car to you. Turn the tables and make sure you have the upper hand. Statistics show that most car buyers who ask for a discount do eventually get one. It’s the only way to get the best deal.

Car dealers have sales targets and they want the commission! The trick is to meet them at a price you’re both happy with.

Here’s how you get there.

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Know your facts

First of all, you’ve got to give yourself the upper hand when it comes to bargaining. That all starts with knowledge and confidence. If you know the market, it’s easy to rebuff any suggestions or figures the dealers reel off. They might try to push you towards the upgraded model, for example. Stick to your guns and know your facts. When you know the market, it’s easy to negotiate the right deal and price for you.

Keep your emotions in check

As soon as you profess your love for a car, it’s game over. The dealer knows you want it, and they can push the price to get you there! The best tactic here is to remain non-committal and keep your options wide open. Don’t get forced into a deal you’re not comfortable with.

Be friendly

A lot of people out there will tell you to be aggressive and cold when it comes to haggling. They say you should remain professional at all times and keep your distance. To be honest, we’ve always had much better results when you engage the dealer in conversation. Be friendly and strike a rapport. They’re much more likely to negotiate on a deal if there’s a friendly connection. The guard comes down, and they’re more likely to offer help. Of course, you can choose your personal approach, but this always works for us!

Go at the right time

There’s a good time to visit the dealer, and a bad time. We recently went to a grand dealership opening where prices were sliced to encourage new buyers. This is a great time to negotiate, as they’re keen to make a strong first impression. We also suggest visiting the dealer at the end of the month. At this time, dealers are looking to hit their sales targets and meet quotas. You’re much more likely to strike a deal when the pressure for commission is on!

Start with a low offer

Lastly, the most important advice of all. Start with a low offer! Never give away your full hand. Don’t reveal to the dealer your hard limit. Instead, start with a low offer that leaves room to move upwards. You’ll eventually meet in the middle, and you’ll walk away with a great deal!

We understand that haggling is uncomfortable for many. But, it’s an integral part of the car business. Hone your skills, and get the best deal you can.