We recently read about a learner driver who took 35 attempts to pass their driving test. Thirty-five attempts! Can you imagine the frustration and anger you’d build up? Quite frankly, we’d have given up long ago.

Luckily, we passed the first time, which comes with bragging rights! In this post, we’ll pass on the tricks and techniques that will help you get through the difficult exam first time.

It’s one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of your young life. Your mouth goes dry (take chewing gum), you start to sweat, and then you second-guess every single move you make. The trick is to approach it with confidence and tackle every action with a calm and controlled manner.

We know it’s easier said than done, but don’t worry, we’ve got some more tricks up our sleeve. It’s just a short test, and then you’re free to discover the joy of driving!


Revise and Research

A large portion of the driving test is about your reactions and responses. The examiner is looking to see how you react to driving conditions around you. After all, that’s the more difficult side of driving, and you can’t rehearse this aspect. However, there’s another huge part of the test.

First of all you must pass the theory test. For this part, you can revise and research as much as possible. Make sure you do, and you’ll pass with flying colors. It will give you a little confidence boost going into the main exam.

Get to Know Your Local Area

Your practical exam will usually take place in your local area. As we mentioned previously, you can’t predict or rehearse how the traffic will respond around you. What you can do is learn every nuance of the roads in your local town. Learn the one-way streets and practice the trickiest junctions over and over again. Get to know your weak points, and work on them regularly.

Learn the Major Maneuvers

The vast majority of driving tests are passed or failed during the maneuvers. There will be at least three during your hour-long exam. They include; turn in the road, reverse around a corner, parallel park, bay park and straight reverse. Learn the very best technique for you and your car, and practice them relentlessly. Make sure you can execute each one perfectly.

Practice, Practice, Practice

However, there is no substitute for getting behind the wheel as often as possible. It’s the only way to hone your skills and build confidence. Get your parents or a qualified adult, to supervise you on the roads. Practice the maneuvers in an empty parking lot and just take short drives around the local area.

If you don’t have access to a car at home, try using a driving simulator. Modern software makes them as realistic as possible, emulating driving conditions perfectly. Anything you can do to build confidence is a good idea here.

Follow this advice, and you’ll set yourself up to pass with flying colors! Our final trick is to book an hour-long lesson immediately before the test itself. It will help settle your nerves and give you some crucial final practice. Good luck!