Las Vegas has some of the world’s great car shows with annual meets like the Viva Las Vegas Car Show and Super Run, as well as meets like Classic Cadillac in the town square earlier this year.Anyone who plays the online casino or online pokies, or who takes an interest in the casino industry in general will know that Vegas is a hub for meetings of like-minded people and classic cars certainly have their place.

At places like Viva Las Vegas you’ll see all sorts of customized versions of some of the great American classics.

The Mustang and the Hot Rod style Roadster will be there in abundance – Ford will always stand as one of the great American companies – but there’ll also be offerings from the likes of Chevy and GM.



Chevy Camaro

The Chevy Camaro is a muscle car to rival the likes of the Ford Mustang, although the Camaro hasn’t the kind of presence in popular culture or cinema that the Mustang has enjoyed throughout the years. These stocky cars represent pure motoring power.



Lincoln Continentals

Lincoln Continentals and Chevy Impalas offer a different side of the market with their long sleek lines – cruisers in the old fashioned yet timeless style. They had huge engines which would be hard to conceive for the frugal modern motorist.

It’s intriguing to see under the bonnets of some of these old classics. The muscle cars in particular hark back to a time when cars and maintenance could be achievable to the average man with engine components being easy to locate and mounted in a spacious engine compartment.

It’s partly that customization and hands on quality which made these motors so appealing, but there’s also something that appeals to a sense of freedom and aspiration.