It seems that whenever you buy a car these days, there’s no escaping the technology that comes with it. Gone are the days where vehicles had “choke” cables to adjust engine fueling, for example. Nowadays, you’ll find a plethora of electronics in the cars you buy.

Even if you’re someone that shies away from gadgets, the good news is that in-car technology lends a helping hand on the road. It makes our driving easier, efficient and safer.

Seeing as car technology is here to stay, you may as well get the most out of it! But, which tech items should you ensure your next pride and joy has?

Here are a few examples of some leading must-have features:

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Satellite navigation

They were once the domain of the military. Today, GPS satellites get used by millions of people around the world to help navigate them to their destinations. It’s possible to buy handheld devices that you can use in any car, and even today’s mobiles have built-in GPS navigation.

Many cars built today come with some form of satellite navigation as standard. They remove the need to study and decipher outdated paper-based maps. And they can even direct you around traffic hotspots and other incidents on the road. If you travel to new destinations on a regular basis, satellite navigation is a must-have item your next car should have!

Adaptive cruise control

When you’re driving down a long stretch of road, most people activate the cruise control systems in their vehicles. They take care of maintaining a constant speed while you handle the steering, brakes, and gear changes.

The latest generation of cars offers “adaptive” cruise control as standard, according to Philip from Hilton Garage. In a nutshell, your car will detect when it gets too close to the vehicle in front and slow down. Once there’s more space, it will resume the speed you originally selected.


With older cruise control systems, braking disabled them and so you’d have to “activate” them again. As you can imagine, if that’s something you do scores of times during your journey, it can be somewhat annoying!

Bluetooth connectivity

These days, most people own a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S6. The tech-savvy among us will even listen to music streaming services like Spotify. But, how can you play your tunes in the car?

The answer is simple: Bluetooth! It’s a wireless connection method that also offers other features, such as hands-free calling. The technology’s been around for a while now. But, it’s only in recent years that car makers started adding Bluetooth as a standard feature in their vehicles.

Because you want to be a safer driver on the road, the last thing you wish to do is use your mobile while driving. That’s why a hands-free solution like Bluetooth is an essential feature needed on your next car.

Parking sensors

I don’t know about you, but I hate parking! If you’re not a fan of parallel parking, especially in a busy street, you are going to need some help. And that assistance comes in the form of front and rear parking sensors!

The way they work is simple. They use ultrasonic sensors to detect the proximity of any objects near to your car (i.e. other vehicles, people, etc.). The parking sensor system will “beep” at you as you get closer to an object, with the frequency of those beeps increasing the closer you get.

I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s article. Let us know if there are any other tech features you look for in your future vehicles!