1951 Nissan PatrolNissan Patrol is a brand that has been associated with excellence for many decades now. Ever since 1951, when the first Nissan Patrol was manufactured in Japan, the company has been rolling out some excellent truck models. Each year has seen new innovations and greater improvements, with Nissan pushing the boundaries for what is possible from a 4×4 vehicle.

Not only is the Patrol seen as a great utility vehicle for everyday customers, it is also used a lot by the Military due to its incredible strength, reliability and ability to perform in various conditions.

The Y60 GQ is a model that is still manufactured for military purposes in Asia, the middle East and several United Nations envoys.

Despite all of that, it is off road use where the Nissan Patrol takes the cake when compared to its competition. There are many larger trucks out there with frills and expensive additions, but few can match up to the sheer performance levels of the Nissan Patrol. Ever since the 4W60 in the first generation, to the 2010 and 2011 Nissan Patrol versions, every model has been more than capable of being used as an off road vehicle.

2014 Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol – Ultimate Off Road SUV

Many label the Nissan Patrol as the “best kept secret” for bargain buyers. After all, these cars have been just as good as any Toyota or Land Cruiser model, but they rarely get the same recognition or go up to similar prices.

The secret to Nissan Patrol’s success is versatility. These are not just off road vehicles that have no place on everyday roads. They are large enough and spacious enough to serve as SUVs, yet durable enough to go on safari treks and other off road missions.

The SWB versions of the patrol are better for off road purposes, while the LWB versions are seven seat and perfect for larger families. However, the LWB versions can still be taken on the occasional off road adventure, they are just not as durable as the SWB. Even then, it is nothing that an upgraded 4wd suspension cannot fix.

The older Nissan Patrols (pre-1998) were not the best to look at. In fact, they had the type of looks that “only a mother could love”, but they still got the job done. Over the years, the company has given its famous Patrol line a massive face lift. Nowadays, both the LWB and SWB versions are extremely attractive from the outside, and still pack a punch when necessary.

When Buying a Nissan Patrol

It is important to remember the history of some of these Offroad vehicles when looking to buy them. It is impossible to get new versions of the 1998, 1999 or 2000 Nissan Patrols, and many end up buying them second hand.

1998 Nissan Patrol

If you are buying a Nissan Patrol for off road purposes, you can be sure that this is how it was used by its previous owner. Every model should be thoroughly checked by experts, in order to ensure that all parts are as new and upgraded as possible.

Underside damage to the chassis, especially bent chassis items, is often a sign that the car may be near the end of its life. Engine’s whining often means that the turbo needs to be replaced, while harder acceleration should not lead to smoke from the front of the Nissan Patrol.

4x4 Nissan Patrol

For any of these problems, and for regular upgrades, it is important to get up to date and quality 4wd accessories.

With the right updates, and 4wd accessories, even the older versions of the Nissan Patrol make for fantastic, modern off road vehicles.

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