If you’re a car fan, how can you not be into some kind of motorsport? Admittedly, driving a car is a lot more fun for some people than watching someone else drive a car. You’re missing out though. Motorsport is exhilarating and exciting in ways other sports just aren’t. It’s high-octane madness that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

There’s more than just one type of motorsport too. To find one that suits your tastes, check the list below.

Porsche 997 GT3

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Rally Racing

On-road and off-road. Rally racing is all about fast straights and quick corners. It’s rough and tumble. Full of mud and damp roads while racing around scenic and remote locations. Rally racing is an interesting one to watch. It’s one of the more high-risk motorsports. While all the cars are tuned to perfection and the drivers are total professionals, the fact is that the courses can often be very treacherous.

Off-road rally runs can be destroyed in an instant if the driver misjudges a turn and how slippery the course is. There have been quite a few spectacular crashes in rally racing’s past as a result. Regardless, there’s a real thrill to the idea that each corner could either make or break a lap. It’s as entertaining as any car chase.

Formula One

The current big player when it comes to Motorsport. If you ask the public to name a motorsport, they’ll most likely name Formula One as the only one that comes to mind. It’s a very high profile sport with high profile racers and teams involved. The one problem with Formula One is keeping track of it. It’s likely a lot of the races will be happening outside your timezone, or they just won’t be on a broadcast network you can use.

A site like www.worldformula.com can help with that. It’s a platform for delivering breaking news and images from the world of motorsport; Formula One included. It’s an easy way for you to catch up on the state of the races.


NASCAR is an interesting one. It’s not so much a test of skill as it is a test of patience and awareness. All the cars just do laps of an oval speedway racetrack. An added twist is that the track isn’t flat but is instead a curved almost bowl shaped track instead.

It requires speed and grip to remain on the outer edges of the track. It’s very risky to be on that edge due to the threat of collision. A driver can significantly increase their speed up there and maneuver out of the way of most other cars.

24 Hour Endurance Racing

This is a very interesting one. While you won’t end up watching the whole race yourself, the highlights, and live feeds can be very interesting. A team of three drivers take shifts in a race that goes on for a whole 24 hours.

There’s a very high adrenaline feeling to this kind of racing during the later hours. Everybody is tired, and there’s a distinct chance that the tiredness can cause performances to change significantly. It’s an oddity, but an interesting one.