There’s no denying car buyers are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a super mini. It’s easy to find a suitable vehicle according to your tastes, requirements and budget. One iconic marque that millions lust after is Mini. Since 2001, the brand had an overhaul thanks to its current owners, BMW.

Wherever you go in the world, you will always come across a “new” Mini on your travels. They are certainly popular with the masses. If you’re thinking of buying a car of that size, should you only consider the Mini?

Here are a few reasons why doing so could be a good idea:

mini cooper
Source: Wikimedia Commons

British Craftsmanship, German Design

Most of the Minis built these days come from Plant Oxford. BMW have invested billions of pounds upgrading the production facilities there. They’ve done so to build the latest and greatest Minis.

Although the majority of Minis are built in Oxford, the design input and engineering are from parent company BMW. For example, if you check out the specs of the latest models at, you’ll see they use BMW’s TwinPower engine technology.

That’s a good thing because we know that BMW’s engines are efficient and work well in their vehicles. So, it makes sense to offer those benefits to Mini owners too.

They Handle like Go-Karts

Even if you’ve never been a fan of the Mini before, there’s one fact that will unite everyone that’s ever been out on the road in one. I am, of course, talking about how every single Mini out there offers go-kart-like handling!

Today’s Minis have a low centre of gravity and use high-quality suspension components. In some of the sportier models, drivers have the choice of selecting how soft or firm the handling setup is.

So popular is the suspension setup that BMW have used some of the design in their own vehicles, such as the current 2 Series!

There’s a Model for Everyone

If you don’t know much about the Mini brand, you’re going to assume the Mini is only available in three-door hatchback guise. However, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you discover just what’s out there!

These days, it’s possible to get five-door hatchbacks such as the Countryman pictured earlier. There are even coupe and convertible versions too! Whatever your requirements, I’m willing to bet you will find a Mini that meets your needs.

They are Available Everywhere

One of the biggest selling points about the Mini is that you can buy them anywhere! Yes, you could purchase one through the official dealer network. But, you can also get them from any used car dealership too. And let’s not forget the private sellers out there also.

Even though there is high availability, the good news is that all the Minis out there don’t suffer from terrible depreciation. Let’s face it; these are, in essence, “mini” BMWs after all. And we all know that BMWs hold their value!

So, when will you go out and buy a Mini?