crashed red Suzuki

A lot of us have car accidents, and although most are minor, they cost an incredible amount of money. Research of the year 2010 revealed that those costs came to almost a trillion dollars. Repairs, injuries, and the loss of productivity were all taken into account. With this in mind, we thought we would give you some ideas on how to reduce your chances of having an accident in your car.

Look ahead

Road awareness is a big factor in keeping you safe when driving. You should, of course, watch out for the car in front of you. But you should also look at the traffic situations further up the road – especially when you’re driving on the freeway. The further away you are when spotting a potential problem, the more time you will have to react.

Regular maintenance

How well do you look after your car? If you just put it in for it a yearly service, you might want to think about getting it checked every six months – or more. The more checks you have, the earlier you will spot possible problems. And, of course, that means there’s less chance of you breaking down in a potentially dangerous place.

Get a camera system

Parking accidents happen all of the time, so protect yourself and your vehicle by getting a backup monitor and camera. One of those will help you reverse and parallel park much easier. It will stop you from accidentally crashing into another car, bollard, or wall. They are easy to set up, and will even help you get into tighter spots than you could normally.

Don’t drive nights

If you have a long journey ahead, it might be tempting to decide to go at night, so that you miss the traffic. That’s all well and good, but the type of traffic you find on the roads at night is vastly different to the day. So, while you might have fewer cars to navigate around, you will find that the people in those cars aren’t as safe as they would be in the day.

Drunk drivers, joyriders, and tired people are all on the roads more at night – so travel in the day to avoid them.

Stay out of the fast lane

There’s one major issue with driving in the fast lane – there is nowhere to go if there is a problem ahead. The slow lane and middle lane both give you options and escape routes if there is a pile up ahead, so you will have more chance of avoiding them. The evidence backs this up – most freeway accidents occur in the fast lane.

Stay away from bad drivers

You can spot bad drivers from a mile away, so either keep your distance or keep an eye out for trouble – and be very careful if you overtake them. Cars that drift between lanes are a sure sign that the driver is either messing around with their phone, drunk or exhausted. Neither reason is safe, so be wary, and make it your aim to get away from them.

Well, we hope these tips have given you some great ideas to help you keep out of trouble. Any more to share?