car repair maintenance

Drive carefully, look after it, and treat it the way it deserves, and you could probably clock up 200,000 miles in your car. Now, that statement might sound fanciful, but be honest: how well do you drive your car? We spend a vast fortune on our wheels – the biggest expense for most of us outside of a mortgage.

It seems a little crazy, then, that so many people don’t look after them well enough. Today’s guide will reveal some simple tips that can help you get close to that target.

We’re not making any promises, but if you use the following advice, you will get a lot closer than if you don’t. Let’s get started.

Keep it in a Garage

Weather isn’t kind to your car. The sun beats down on it and leaves it with discolored paint, dried out sunroof seals, and cracked seats on the inside. And then there’s the rain. Although rust isn’t necessarily dangerous for your car, it’s not a good look. And if you’re going to get 200,000 miles out of this thing, you’ll at least want to be seen in it.

Keep it Clean

Another way of keeping your car clear of rust is to wash it well and often. Don’t forget the underside, and always finish off the a good dollop of wax. It will protect your car from degrading for far longer than not cleaning it at all.

Drive It

If you have a car that you use for skipping about town in, then think about taking it for a longer ride. The engine needs to heat up well enough to avoid being clogged up with oily gunk, and those little journeys won’t do it any favors whatsoever. Be efficient, by all means – but make sure you drive it. On a similar note, once you turn your car on, leave the engine running for a while. The constant on-off is not great for your engine.

Change Your Fluids

Take care of your oil levels, brake fluids and water. You need to make regular checks to ensure everything is in order, and change your oil every once in a while. How often that is, depends on your vehicle. Check your owner’s manual, but it should be somewhere between every 3,000 to 10,000 miles.

Watch Your Tires

Tire care is vital to the health of your car – and to your safety. Blowouts tend to happen to people who just don’t check their tyres as often as they should. Giving them a once over every month or so will help you identify any problems. You can either change them yourself, head to a garage or get a mobile tyre fitting service to visit you. The Important thing is if they need changing, change them.

Check for Leaks

Leaks happen all the time, unfortunately. No matter how careful a driver you are, you just can’t avoid the fact that metal degrades over time. And, when it does, it needs to be fixed, or you will have a leak. The smallest little hole could end up costing you thousands of pounds if you don’t get it fixed. So take some time out of your day once a fortnight to make some checks.