With summer fast approaching, many of us will want to hit the road for that dream holiday and make the most of the long days and nice weather.

With readily available car loans making it that much easier to fund a vehicle these days, hiring one out over the holiday period can be a great option.

There are however, a number of important considerations you should make first to ensure you get the most for your money.

Car rental

Carefully Consider the Model

When you need a car that is suitable for all your needs, you need to take time to consider the model, make sure it is the right one for you. Does it have enough space to carry your luggage? Does it have a good safety rating? Can it handle the terrain on which you plan to drive it? Does it fit the style you like? Take time to make sure all bases will be covered with your hire car before you agree to a contract.

Check Your Insurance Cover

Make sure the accompanying insurance policy will cover all your needs; say for example, if you plan to take the car abroad. Most will come with adequate cover for major accidents and full-impact collisions but small bumps and scratches will have to be paid for out of your own pocket. These types of mishaps are covered by a policy known as ‘excess insurance’ and this can be found much cheaper from outside sources, rather than taking it from the car lenders themselves.

Avoid Unnecessary Extras

Most car lenders will offer you excessive amounts of extras to try and boost the price tag. Sales patter can be overwhelming at times but learning to say ‘no’ can save you a lot of money. You can avoid other charges by using your own GPS and child seats, as many companies will offer you these perks; but they will come at a hefty price.

Even once the car has been safely returned; monitor your account closely to ensure that no unnecessary extra charges are made.

Go Prepared

You can greatly speed up the hiring process by making sure you go prepared. Take along any relevant insurance documentation, as well as your passport and credit card; as most lenders will require you to make a deposit using a card and some may not even allow you to hire a car without one.

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Carefully Inspect the Car

Make the staff carefully inspect the condition of the car with you and either take photographs or note down any scratches, damage or imperfections on the vehicle. This will stop them from being able to try and charge you for any accidents that were not your doing.

Check the Fine Print

Make sure you have read and understood all the terms of your contract; taking note of the date, time and place to which you must return the car, as well as any charges you will incur for being late. Some car lenders will require you to keep all of your fuel receipts and others will specify that the vehicle must be returned with a certain level of fuel in the tank; so make sure all of these and any other relevant specifications are met to avoid an unwanted fine upon your return.