Fuel Saving TipsEfficient fuel consumption and saving is not only achieved by buying a hybrid car or fitting expensive monitoring gizmos. All of us can and should include small yet effective methods of reducing our fuel consumption not only to ease our pockets, but also for the general benefit of the limited natural reserves.

Below we have outlined ten effective fuel saving tips that are proven to save you money on fuel consumption.

10 Super Effective Tips for Saving Fuel

Tip 1: Don’t speed

Remember your mother telling you this safety measure? This must-follow advice is helpful in reducing fuel consumption too. Every time you accelerate and slow down, your engine drinks a lot more fuel than if you hadn’t changed speeds. Wind resistance also increases at higher speeds, resulting in lower mileage.

Tip 2: Check your tire pressure regularly

This needs to be regularly checked for your car. Tires lose air over a period of time and under-pressured tires have greater resistance; more resistance, more fuel consumption. Know the correct pressure for your tires and ensure that you maintain them accordingly.

Tip 3: Maintenance the engine

The engine light is there for a reason. If it were to only go on only just before a complete standstill, it would be meaningless. There are dozen of sensors and valves that could cause the light to go on. You stand to save miles lost due to faulty parts and also avoid the possibility of getting stuck in the middle of no where due to a misbehaving engine.

Tip 4: Drive with the windows down & A/C off

Fresh air is great for health and for reducing fuel consumption as well. Unless you are on the highway where lowering windows would increase resistance, try driving the streets with windows down.

Tip 5: Avoid rough & windy roads

Roads that need repair are a hazard to the body parts of your car and also need more fuel to power your way through. Change course to straight through roads when possible to avoid traffic lights and constant changing of gears. This reduces fuel consumption significantly.

Ten Fuel Saving TipsTip 6: Sleek is in, place cargo inside the vehicle

Aerodynamics is one of the basic factors when considering fuel usage. When placing cargo in cars try to fit it inside so as to reduce air resistance and increase aero dynamicity. In case you have a convertible, you can see a significant increase in mileage when driving with the top up.

Tip 7: Clean the inside & outside of your car

In this case clean out your car, removing any unnecessary cargo that adds weight to the car. It may seem small but an additional 40 lbs can shave off miles from a gallon. During winters shave off the icicles before driving, it doesn’t take many icy tubes to add 50 lbs. It pays to be organized.

Tip 8: Don’t be afraid to turn it off

Analysis has shown that if you plan to halt anywhere for over 30 seconds, you are benefited by turning your car off. Long traffic lights, quick ATM stops, grocery/laundry pickups can quickly add up.

Tip 9: Avoid big gas guzzlers

Save on Fuel

Big cars are fun but are gas guzzlers too. Invest in cars that meet your needs. Smaller cars cost less and give more mileage.

Tip 10: Simply, limit your driving

Probably the best fuel saving tip yet. With traffic jams and road rage addicts, car pooling and public transport are a great way to reduce stress while reducing fuel consumption. A perfect win-win situation.

Fuel saving is a state of mind, incorporate these fuel saving tips in your daily life and the benefits will range from cash savings to safety and lower stress levels.