If you’re in the market for a car, you’ve got a big decision to make. No, not just what colour to choose! You need to decide whether to buy a brand new model, or hit the used car dealership. We’re all lured in by the prospect of a brand new car. The shiny paintwork, the new car smell, and the purring new engine. But, one look at the price tag might just put you off!

Today, we’re looking at the benefits of buying second-hand instead. It’s no longer the risky choice it once was. Modern used cars are reliable, clean, and will last for well over decade.

Let’s take a look at a few more good reasons for buying secondhand.



First of all, there is simply more choice on the used market. Over 7 million cars were sold alone in the last twelve months. If you’re willing to look for the right model, you’ll find it out there. Not only that, but you’re not restricted to the dealership options. You can scour the private market, attend car auctions, and even hunt out bargains in your local area. You can use the internet, and search TraversAutos.com for new deals. There is simply an endless sea of used cars just waiting for you.


Any discussion about used cars will eventually turn to the issue of price. It’s very simple. When you buy a used car, they are much cheaper. The reason for that is depreciation. When you buy a new car, you’ll instantly lose 5-10% of the value just by driving off the forecourt. You’ll lose another 50% in the next two or three years. That means you can buy a two-year-old car at half the price of a brand new model. Not only that, but you’re in a much better bargaining position. You’re much more likely to score a bargain on a used car.


A lot of buyers look to the brand new market for assured reliability. They’ll only trust the new cars when it comes to maintenance and breakdowns. Here’s the thing, though. Most modern cars are designed and built to last for over a decade. That means a two-year-old model still has a good eight years left in the engine. Many will still have their factory warranty in tact. That means you can enjoy years of good driving ahead of you. Buying secondhand no longer means buying a banger!

After-market technology

We’re all lured towards new cars for the same reasons. We love the shiny new gadgets, and high tech features. However, just because you buy a used car doesn’t mean you can’t have them too! Most modern technology for cars is available as an after-market feature. That means you can have just about any device installed after you’ve bought the car. Everything from parking sensors to GPS to head up displays can be bought and installed.
There’s a reason why most buyers are turning to the used car market. It might just be the best way to get the car of your dreams.