With the new number plates including the number 13, many experts in the motoring industry have fears that the sales of new cars will drop due to people being superstitious about the number.

Although it may seem strange to those that aren’t superstitious, there are a whole host of weird and wonderful driving superstitions about. The number 13 is only the tip of the iceberg:

Black CatBlack cat

This is perhaps one of the most common superstitions and it doesn’t really matter if you’re walking or driving. Strangely, there is a seemingly endless list of different variations on the black cat superstition and nearly everyone has heard something different.

Some people believe that turning anti-clockwise over and over again will undo any bad luck while others will toss salt over their shoulder to rid themselves of the hex. One of the strangest stories about this superstition is of a biker stopping in the road as a black cat passed; after the black cat had gone he scattered pebbles across the road and continued on his way.

There are lots of different myths and superstitions about black cats; some say they’re good luck, some say they’re bad but no one can ever seem to agree on which one’s true!


Night Whistling

There is an odd Japanese superstition that says that if you whistle while driving at night, a snake will appear.

It’s not entirely clear what will happen when the snake appears but it must a very special snake as normal snakes don’t have ears with which to hear a whistle!

Hold Your Breath When Driving Past a Graveyard


Holding your breath when driving past a graveyard is pretty common superstition and it’s supposed to be a sign of respect for the dead.

Common beliefs include that the spirits of the dead will enter your body through your mouth if open while others say that it’s disrespectful to breathe in front of those that cannot.

Throwing Change under the Seat of a New Carcoins

This superstition is a little less strange and could even be practical! The friends and family of a person that has recently bought a new car will throw change onto the floor of the car.

The tradition may have started as a sign of prosperity or good luck but recent interpretations mean that with so many toll booths to go through, if the driver runs out of money they can always reach down and find some extra change.

It’s not the most mystical and magical of superstitions but it’s profitable for the driver!

Scratching or Denting Your Own CarScratch dent

That’s right: people that believe in this particular superstition believe that when they buy a brand new car, they should scratch or dent the car themselves. So why would you buy a new car just to damage it?!

Lots of people believe that a new car that has not had anything happen to it, is at a much higher risk of being involved in an accident and that causing a small amount of damage to the car when new will reduce the risk.

The question is, why not just buy a used car?

The list of odd, strange, funny and fantastic superstitions and myths goes on forever but don’t let them effect your driving! Holding your breath when driving past a graveyard is fine, but when you start indulging in superstitions like putting your feet on the ceiling when driving under a bridge, you’re putting yourself and other road users in danger!

Remember, be safe and if you’re superstitious then you should probably steer clear of buying a new car for a while!