You keep your car well looked after, filled up with gas and oil, for the most part. But do you keep it clean? Or, perhaps you think that as long as it is well maintained there is no need to clean it often. You might let the muck build up on the windscreen and under the wheels of the car, thinking there is no harm. But there is.

Here are the reasons you should keep your car looking brand new. Some of them are quite shocking.  We have also got some excellent tips on how to make your car look awesome.

keeping your car clean

The Prime Target

You should be taking extra care on the roads lately because a new trend is setting in. It is a particularly nasty one and it could cost you a fortune if you get caught up in it. Drivers who want to make some money are putting four or five people in their car and then waiting in a hidden lane at the side of a road. They wait for an unsuspecting car to drive passed, pulling out in front of them and braking sharply.

If the driver is lucky, he brakes in time to avoid hitting them. If not, they may be looking at a nasty lawsuit and being sued for damages by each of their passengers. You may be wondering what this has to do with keeping your car clean. This is to do with perception. Dirty cars are perceived to be driven by worse drivers because they care less about the vehicle.

You are basically painting a bullseye on your car bonnet by not washing it.

Safety First

You may not realise this, but allowing muck and dirt to build up on your car can put you in danger. This is because it can get stuck between the wheel joints, brake pads and parts of the engine. That could mean you will not stop as quickly when performing an emergency break or your engine could fail at an inopportune moment. You can also find that if a thick layer of dirt has built up on your windscreens the wipers will not clean it off.

You will only notice this after it starts to rain at which point it is too late. If you want to ensure, this never happens you are best to occasionally get your car cleaned by a professional.

There are mobile car wash companies, so you do not have to worry about travelling to the one nearest to you.

The Perfect Crime

Again, this is a matter of perception. Is a car thief sees a dirty car they assume that the car is old or poorly looked after? An unreasonable assumption perhaps, but one that never the less sticks in their mind. If you have an expensive looking car that is dirty, a car thief may try their luck at breaking into it. They may assume it is not carefully watched or protected.

We hope you have scared you enough into keeping your car pristine. It could save your life or at least spare you losing some money.