cars for alpha males

Cars do have a personality, don’t they? Some are extremely feminine in their feel and looks, while some have male written all over them.

Masculine has grown to mean a number of things over the years. It could mean rugged or sleek, loud or low-key, expensive or cheap, popular or hated. But we are sticking with the old-fashioned definition of ‘masculine’ here — solid, sturdy, reliable, and NOT high-maintenance (though in today’s world the last one is not a non-masculine trait).

We are defining ‘alpha male’ as someone, or something rather, that is at the top of the pack because of the sheer force of its personality. No hiding behind shine and gloss to compensate for something, or basing one’s self worth on how women perceive them. (Disclaimer: The writer is a woman and this post describes ‘alpha male’ cars as women perceive them.)

We know we are going off stereotypes here, but no disrespect intended for the male owners of Honda Accord for their thoroughly commendable and practical purchases. Really, we have tremendous respect for your decision. But the Accord is too understated, practical, and gender-neutral to make it to this list.

So without further delay, let’s take a look at the cars in the American market that we think display an alpha male personality.


Chevrolet Tahoe (2014)

An SUV just had to be on this list.

SUVs exude charisma. They are strong, big, and have a tremendous presence.

After a brief disenchantment with the breed in the late 90s and early 2000s, SUVs are back where they belong – in the American people’s heart. A brand new SUV, just off the dealership, is a sight to behold. A black SUV in particular resembles a man in a crisp business suit who means, well, business. (Too many Hollywood movies in my system there?)

It inspires awe, command, and presence. It is big enough to load your entire family into it. From the inside it feels very comfortable and safe. It inspires in you each and every feeling you would want from your man – the head of the family.

There are many impressive SUVs in the market right now, but of them all we feel the Chevrolet Tahoe is simply a cut above the rest.


Because it’s huge, it’s powerful, and a “comfortable ride.”

It’s a thoroughly masculine car – in the traditional sense of the word. That it gives an excellent fuel economy (for an SUV) is also a definite plus!

The luxury crossover SUVs are also a treat for the eyes, particularly the lovely Lexus RX 350. But that’s the problem. When you see an alpha male car, “lovely” is not the word you want to slip out of your mouth! The Acura MDX and RDX, on the other hand, are more masculine than ‘lovely’, but we still feel the sheer size and old-fashioned ruggedness of the Tahoe beats them to be the most masculine SUV in the American market right now.


Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (2014)

Another Chevy on the list. Just goes to show the trust we place in American-made cars despite the Japanese ingenuity with all things mechanical. After all, tradition is a big part of who we are!

Corvette Stingray is the latest in a long line of sports and convertible cars, some more masculine than others, from Chevrolet and is the exact opposite of the car mentioned previously. Yet we feel it is a thoroughly alpha male car.

The reason?

It represents a dream come true. It has a sleek and suave body that brings to mind somebody who has worked hard on his way to top and is now enjoying himself. Its athletic and sculpted exterior is like that of a man’s who takes excellent care of himself and is in total control of his life.

It oozes confidence and command. It gives an aura of accomplishment, precision, and effortless competence, and doesn’t try too hard to impress. People look up to you because you are simply that good. Life is exciting in the fast lane and few will experience it this way.


Dodge SRT Viper (2013)

Now we are getting into the pure pleasure and speed mode, having flung practicality out of the window (and at a high speed, too!)

The SRT Viper is a high-end two-seater with world class looks, style, fit, and performance. We won’t go any higher than this price tag in our list as we feel affordability and practical comfort are also important criteria for a car to qualify as ‘alpha male’ but we simply could not resist including this wicked, long-lasting piece of engineering (with its badass V10 engine and all). This is one car with a lot of testosterone in it, and certainly not everybody’s cup of tea. And we love the fact that it produces strong reactions and polarizes opinion in men; they either love it or hate it, and that is so… desirable a trait for an alpha male to have!


Porsche 911

It is almost clichéd to mention this car in any list that has ‘male’ in it but I have to be honest and admit that Porsche 911 finds a mention here only out of consideration for the popular sentiment (and also because of the men in our team who think it is outrageous to talk about male cars and not mention this “beauty”. Personally I fail to see much beauty in it but then that’s just me.)


Subaru Forester (2014)

This is probably a surprise addition for you but we love the scowl on this SUV’s façade, though that is certainly not the only reason this car features on our list.

We love the Forester because it is sturdy, well-built, comfortable, reliable, family-friendly, and now also fuel efficient. It may not score highly in the looks department but who cares! What matters ultimately is that it is a high-performance, reliable car, though it keeps a low profile. It gives an aura of quiet confidence. No razzmatazz associated with it, but it delivers when it matters.