Of course riding in summer is about as preferable to riding in the depths of winter as you’re ever going to get.

Just because the road is wide, open, warm and free, it doesn’t mean you can take your safety eye off the accident prevention ball.

Here are some summer riding tips.

Motorcycle tires

Check your tire pressures

Your motorcycle tires are your only contact with the road and it’s entirely crucial that you give them the very best opportunity to function as perfectly as you can. A tire that is operating in the window in which it was designed to perform well will far out perform a tire that is under-inflated or bursting at the seams.

If the air around you is hot then the chances are that the air in your tires will have taken on the same hotter ambient temperature, especially if it is a very hot day and your bike is parked up on the blistering tarmac.

There is some movement in where the tire pressure should be of course, but if perhaps your tire was a little overinflated to start with, as the air temperature rises, so does the tire pressure, and this increase coupled with an over inflation in the first place could put the tires at a stress point. Using a good quality and accurate tire pressure gauge, it’s worth checking your tires very regularly indeed.

Motorcycle engine coolant

Engine coolant ready to cool?

It makes sense that a hot motorcycle engine will suffer all the more on a hot summer’s day, so special attention should be given to your bike’s coolant level before any big ride out on a potentially very hot day.

A great deal of damage can be done to a bike’s engine if it overheats, so it’s definitely worth checking our bike’s coolant level very regularly over the summer months, to avoid a costly repair bill and several weeks off the road during the most prime biking weather.

The coolant should be filled to the correct coolant level as specified by the manufacturer, and should be of the correct color and consistency. If it looks like there could be some metal rust or engine oil mixed in with the coolant, then it seems likely that there are greater and unseen problems going on inside the engine, and a deeper investigation should be undertaken.

Motorcycle wiring

Hot wires?

Some motorbikes are better wired up than others, and if yours is one of those bikes with a reputation for wobbly wiring, then a hot day and some fast riding will only exacerbate the heated debate going on in the wiring loom of the bike.

A poorly wired bike will make excess electrical heat as it is, so if the air temperature goes through the roof this summer – we can only hope! The smoldering wires will only get further potentially disastrous heat treatment. A hot wiring loom can very quickly catch fire and as it’s buried under the bike’s bodywork it can quickly catch hold and do some serious damage.

The summer months in the UK should be the perfect time for some biking fun, and indeed, with our cracking twisty back lanes, open countryside and friendly biking fraternity; it really should be several months of the best fun. Especially so if you carry these few simple checks.