Car insurance

Spending money on something that we don’t want but legally need is never the most enjoyable experience; car insurance is a big expense and while we are legally obliged to purchase it, a lot of us would rather not!

Of course, there are some unscrupulous individuals that would not only prefer not to pay for their car insurance; they refuse to pay for it altogether.

Unfortunately, these illegal drivers are fairly common:

  • In  2011 there were approximately 1.4 million uninsured drivers in the UK
  • More recent figures suggest this figure is now close to 2 million

Our Survey Says… Uninsured Driving Is Socially Unacceptable

As we all participate in fierce debates about controversial subjects on a daily basis, it seems that there is one thing that nearly all of us agree on! In a survey carried out by we can see that uninsured driving is clearly deemed socially unacceptable:

  • 95% agreed that uninsured driving was socially unacceptable
  • 83% agreed that not paying council tax was socially unacceptable
  • 81% agreed that not taxing your vehicle was socially unacceptable
  • 51% agreed that illegally downloading music was socially unacceptable

Uninsured Drivers Can Cost You More than A Few Pennies

Surely the hordes of uninsured drivers on our roads won’t be directly costing you anything, right? Wrong!

  • It is estimated that every driver in the UK has to pay an additional £30 a year to make up for the increased costs incurred by insurance companies as a result of uninsured drivers.
  • Uninsured drivers are estimated to cost the economy £500 million every year

Unfortunately, uninsured drivers can cost some people much more than that:

  • 1 in 10 motorists have been involved in an accident with an uninsured driver
  • 25% of these motorists or their passengers were physically hurt as a result of the collision
  • Uninsured motorists injure 23,000 every year
  • Uninsured motorists kill 160 every year


The Top 10 Uninsured Driving Hotspots:

10. South Wales: 4.22%

9. Cleveland: 4.53%

8. South Yorkshire: 4.83%

7. Bedfordshire: 4.99%

6. Lancashire: 5.48%

5. West Midlands: 5.87%

4. West Yorkshire: 6.41%

3. Greater Manchester: 8.26%

2. Merseyside: 9.51%

And the winner is…

1. London: 10.1%

That’s right if you’re driving in the Capital then you can expect 1 in every 10 drivers to be uninsured! The question is: how do they get away with it? If you are caught driving without the correct insurance then you can expect:

  • £200 fixed penalty
  • 6 points on your licence
  • £20 a day for storage if the vehicle is seized
  • £150 collection charge

While uninsured drivers can face a fairly substantial fine, it seems that it’s not all that much of a deterrent considering the number of uninsured motorists still on our roads. Unfortunately, these unscrupulous drivers are costing you money every single year.

Remember: you are legally obliged to have car insurance; driving without it is a crime! Get your car insurance sorted, make sure your MOT’s in order, your vehicle is taxed and away you go. Drive safely!