Volkswagon Beetles

If you ask me, a lot of the best cars that have been produced over the past 15 years have been made by Volkswagen.

Volkswagen XL1

Let’s start with the future. The Volkswagen XL1 is definitely one of the most futuristic cars out there today. It looks like it just landed from outer space, but it’s a real and functioning car. The main aim of the XL1 was to make a hybrid car that was the most efficient on the market, and that’s what they’ve done.

Incredibly, you can do 300 miles to every gallon of fuel in the tank. There’s no other car on the market that can match the XL1 for fuel efficiency. And if you factor in the way in which the car has been designed, I think it’s going to be a car that proves very popular with drivers wanting to cut emissions.

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Volkswagen Up

The Up is a serious attempt by Volkswagen to break through in the city car market. Yes, they already had the Golf, but these proved much more popular with families, and the prices weren’t viable for a lot of people. The Up changed all that. You can find them for less than £5,000.

It’s not just the size that’s different about the Up though. The way the car drives has been severely altered compared to the manufacturer’s biggest cars. They’ve put a focus on trying to make the car ideal for driving around cities with busy streets and plenty of twists and turns to deal with.

Volkswagen Jetta

Some people who don’t know what they’re talking about call the Volkswagen Jetta dull and boring, but that’s simply not a fair assessment. It’s a solid and reliable car. Yes, it might not offer the same levels of excitement and fun as some other cars out there, but most people don’t care about those things.

It has a classy and high-quality interior for drivers to enjoy, and it does exactly what you ask of it. It’s even had a new engine in the latest models, so there’s even less chance of it breaking down than there was before. Don’t listen to all the negative press that the Jetta gets; it’s a great car!

Volkswagen Beetle

Since the new updated Volkswagen Beetle was first introduced, there have been all kinds of changes and upgrades. And today, the Beetle is a stylish and reliable vehicle that can rival even the best classic Beetles out there. Of course, some people will never believe that, but I think anyone who drives a modern Beetle will know what I mean.

The car is based on the same mechanics that you’ll find in a Golf GTi, and that’s a good basis for any car to be built on. So, how else is better than the previous Beetle models? Firstly, the steering is much more precise and easy to manage, giving a much more satisfying driving experience. It also looks great! So, what’s not to like?