Some people describe traffic as a nightmare, but when you think about it, the real nightmare is being involved in a car crash. There is nothing quite like the feeling of losing control, the rush of everything happening at once and then in an instant, stopping.

You leave your vehicle shaken and disoriented, hoping at any moment you will wake up from what feels like a horrible dream. Unfortunately the piece of twisted metal that is in front of you does not disappear and you soon hear sirens in the distance.

However, that does not mean you can not wake up from the nightmare and using this guide you will easily get through a car crash.

car accident scene

Do Not Panic

As soon as the car stops your mind will be switching from one problem to the next, trying to find different solutions. If you are in pain, you will be searching your body for injuries and the best way to temporarily fix them. If you had passengers, then you will be checking if they were hurt in the accident and deciding whether it is safe to leave the vehicle.

You will be doing this all at the same time, and it can be tremendously overwhelming. You must calm yourself by regulating your breathing. Do this by taking a breath, counting to ten in your head and releasing.

Take In The Details

We know that many people claim a car crash feels like slow motion but this is not true for everyone. In fact, it can feel like there is no time between noticing something has gone wrong and the aftermath of the accident. You may not even know what happened to cause the accident and this is a problem. If there was another car involved you may need to try and remember details in case of a future legal dispute.

We suggest as soon as the car comes to a halt you start to think about what happened, going over it in your head. If you can, jot down notes on your phone because someone in another car will be doing the same.

Speak To The Emergency Services

Of course, the most important action you must take is to ensure that you and others are safe. Cooperating with the emergency services is all you have to do to make sure that people are looked after. We know it is tempting, particularly if your family are involved, but you should never try to get the services to treat others if your injuries are more serious.

This is just disrupting the process of making sure people are treated and dealt with as quickly as possible.

Sort Out Repairs

Once you leave the accident scene and everyone is safe, your new priority is your car. Depending on the severity of the accident you may be able to repair it yourself. But we always recommend taking it to an auto repair garage because experts are more likely to notice obscure issues with the vehicle.

Put It Behind You

Finally, after a car accident you may feel like you never want to drive again. This is why it is important to get yourself back on the road, either as a driver or a passenger as soon as possible. Like anything else, if you let it build up in your head, it can become scarier than it actually is.