Used Cars

Speedy Tips for Buying A Used Car

Photo Credit The used car market is one that continues to grow in size as more people look for a great deal. For people on a budget, cars that you never thought were obtainable suddenly start shooting at your price range. Though this can be very exciting if you’re not careful you can end up […]

Driving in Weather & Traffic

Safety First! How To Make Your Car As Safe As Possible

There are a lot of things that impact someone’s decision of what car to choose. Engine size, trunk space, insurance costs and more will all probably factor into your choice of vehicle. And these are all extremely important. But when people are choosing a car, they always tend to focus on the factors that will […]

Car Ruble

Cutting Costs – Burning Rubber Without Burning Through Your Wallet

When you buy a car, how far ahead are you thinking when it comes to your money? Are you buying the most attractive thing that falls within your spending range? Or are you taking the time to think about the long-term costs, how your choice in car affects them and how you’re able to control […]


What You Need To Consider When Purchasing A Luxury Car

A luxury car can be anything. It can be a larger more executive looking car because of your job or career. Or simply it’s a treat that you have spent your hard earned cash on. Whatever the reason, when the time finally comes to purchase your luxury car, you can feel quite excited about the […]

2015 Volvo

Sporty Spiciness With The Volvo XC90 R-Design

Flickr Think of Volvo and you tend to picture safe, classy, and comfortable family cars. They appeal direct to their target market and, while some will find the dull, are generally reliable and excellent vehicles. It’s always been a case of safety first with Volvo, and their XC90 family wagon is the perfect example. Many […]


Baby On Board: Tips For Driving With A Newborn Baby

Congratulations! Your newborn baby has arrived, but the hard work is just getting started. You’re going to learn a heck of a lot over the next year-or-so! Driving isn’t something that you might consider to pose any potential problems. However, driving with a newborn is very different from driving on your own. If you want […]

7 Useful Tips for Buying Your First Car

7 Useful Tips for Buying Your First Car Buying a car is a big purchase. Especially when you’re buying either your first car or a car for your teen driver. In most of these cases, you are looking for a car that is reliable, fairly new so it is sure to last, and one that […]

Lexus CT 200H

Behind the Wheel of the Lexus CT 200H

When you think about hybrid car technology, Lexus should never be too far from your mind. They have been there right at the front of the queue when it comes to introducing successful cars to the hybrid market. And, their latest effort has attracted plenty of attention – for good and bad reasons. So, we […]

Car Sale

The Ultimate Checklist For Buying A Used Car

In today’s climate, buying a used car is more popular than ever. This is no longer an option taken solely out of necessity. In many cases, this is now seen as the preferred route to take. It’s not just cheaper; it’s actively better value for money. However, if you are going to buy a car […]

Ford Mustang

Used vs New: The Ultimate Guide

When you first decided you needed to buy a car, your mind probably jumped to a bunch of different criteria. You were thinking about what colour you wanted to paint job to be. Or what stereo setup you want for your music. Or which manufacturer you were going to buy a model from. Not so […]

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